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In the Spring of 2016 I took a class at RIT focused on web development for visual storytellers. For our final project, two fellow students and and I were tasked with creating an online showcase for the photojournalism program's senior capstone projects. We designed wireframes, coordinated with students and faculty to get content and built the site using the X-Theme on Wordpress. Although all three of us contributed to every aspect of the project, my main focus was on web development. Since we did not have to hard code the site from scratch, I spent my time figuring out how to manipulate the CMS to fit our needs and, with the help of my teammates, inputted two year's worth of projects into the framework we created. I also researched and implemented plugins so that the website could feature an Instagram feed and a full width slideshow on the main page 

I later continued work on the website individually in the winter of 2017 after graduation. This time I update the site and input the newest year of projects. As part of this process I created a submission form for projects and began working on a user manual so future students can continue to add content and improve the site.

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